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Why buy HankyBooks?

Why wouldn’t you? You save money, you reduce waste, you save trees, water, and chemicals, you reduce your dependency on the grocery stores, they’re a super cute accessory for adults and a little soft friend for kids, they help you lose 10 lbs of bad karma and they’re a great conversation starter in planes or where ever you may be using it in front of strangers. Seriously, why would you keep going back to the store to get tissues again and again?

What is eco-friendly about HankyBooks?

HankyBook is a reusable product, meaning it replaces a disposable item. Over 200 billion disposable tissues are thrown away in the United States each year. By using HankyBooks, you seize to participate in that waste filling our landfills, and in clear cutting our precious forests.

HankyBooks are also made out of 100% certified organic cotton, meaning no pesticide or insecticide is used in growing the material, no chemical fertilizers are used in the process and all the cotton is grown from non-GMO seeds.

Why organic cotton?

“Traditionally” grown cotton is one of the most pesticide and insecticide-ridden crops in the world. For the health of the soil and the safety of the farmers growing the crops, organic cotton is vastly superior. We also find it makes for softer cotton, and the growing practices for organic cotton are the only acceptable conditions for us. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability here.

Where are HankyBooks made?

HankyBooks are all hand-sewn in San Diego, California. The cotton mostly comes from Indonesia and is then milled in the United States to make the fabric. It is then cut, sewn and packaged with care in the United States.

How do I wash my HankyBook?

Like you would wash any other piece of clothing. You can throw it in the washing machine with your clothes, or wash by hand, which ever you prefer. You may wash high or low temperature, either way the detergent will wash off the dirt inside the pages. If you have left your HankyBook unwashed for a while, or have a more soiled HankyBook, for instance if you have been sick, we recommend gently pulling the pages apart before washing for optimal results.

See our blog entry on the subject for more details!

I’ve had my HankyBook for a while and beginning to lose its color. How do I get that back? 
You can use some eco-friendly chlorine-free bleach when you do a washing of the HankyBook. It should return some of that color to the cover pattern.

What’s a reusable?

The answer’s in the name! A reusable product is something you use more than once, ideally replacing a disposable item and reducing waste. For instance, HankyBooks replace paper tissues, and To-Go Ware utensils replace plastic utensils.


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